“Singer-songwriter Aniek Maren writes and plays her own songs. Playing her guitar and singing about the good things in life, and the little stings life might bring. Aniek Maren has a very pleasant sultry voice: husky if need to and pitch perfect in the upper regions.” (www.arnhemsmuziekplatform.nl)

For some years now, Aniek Maren lives for her music. Performing with a lot of different musicians, in small pubs and large venues, on jam sessions and festivals, both in The Netherlands and abroad.

She toured in Germany, Switserland and Italy, played Dutch festivals like De Horizontoer and De Uitboulevard, and supported acts like Minor Majority (Norway), Wallis Bird (Ireland), and Signe Tollefsen, among others.
She was a guest in a variety of radio shows like Music Matters (Dutch Radio 2) and she featured in a pilot for Eyeworks Germany for the currently un-aired tv show The Song of Your Life.

For two years now, Aniek has been writing and performing her own music with her own band consisting of Aniek Maren (vocals/guitar), Bram de Gruijter (guitar), Mark de Groot (guitar), Bub Boelens (bass) and Florian Hoefnagels (drums).

Recently Aniek started recording her debut album, together with Jaap Berends. The album, which contains 10 songs about love, life, sorrow and melancholy written straight from the heart, will be released on April 25th 2013 with the Berlin record label Bosrecords.